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The Benefits of a

Spa Manicure Pedicure

Let's face it, we all experience stress in our lives.  The fast pace of city life has you on the go all the time.  In these modern times life-work balance is hard to achieve.  Sometimes you just need a break!

Nothing is a greater stress reliever than a Spa Manicure Pedicure.  This full relaxation experience will make you forget your troubles.  The luxury treatment will have you looking your best and feeling great!  Here are the benefits of booking a Spa Manicure Pedicure:

​Massage Chair

Our massage chairs will melt your cares away.   After only a few minutes your neck and back will feel like new.

Arm & Leg Massage

Your hands and feet do a lot for you every day!  Our attentive staff will take special care of your arms and legs.  The massage will have you feeling relaxed and ready for the work week!

Mint Scrub & Lavender Mask

Now that you're relaxed, it's time to sooth your skin.  Our mint scrub is a natural cleanser.  The lavender mask  will deepen your relaxation, and also act as a natural antiseptic.  Keep your skin healthy with these all-natural treatments.

Manicure Pedicure

You're feeling great and now it's time to look your best.  Our talented estheticians focus on the details.  Pick a polish colour of your choice, and watch as our staff transform your nails.

Chloe's Nails & Spa is located at 30 Eglinton Avenue W (Yonge & Eglinton) in Toronto.

Book your Spa Manicure Pedicure today!

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